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Free Anonymous Proxy List February 2014! Your IP Address appears to be
We have your new web proxy list and facebook proxies that work 2014!

Every time you connect to the Internet your computer is assigned an IP address by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Thus your IP address can be used to trace your communications back to your ISP, your office, your school, or a public access network. Even though your IP address may not identify you personally, an IP address is a unique identifier of your PC while you are online.

Anonymous browsing is surfing the World Wide Web while hiding a person's IP address and other personally identifiable information from the website one is visiting. There are many ways to accomplish anonymous browsing. This includes open WiFi hotspots, software such as TOR (The Onion Router), or by using a web pro.xy from a proxy list website.

Web proxies are discovered and blocked by schools, employers, and governments. Some proxies are detected faster than others, and you don't know when a proxy will become blocked. So, it's important to know a website, like Proxies On Tap, that provides a fresh free proxy list!

There are several kinds of web proxies, most of them are using cgi proxy software. A CGI proxy requires a web server to operate.

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Fresh unblocked proxy list will be here for Facebook in Mar 2014 and Apr 2014
And latest proxy as of April 11, 2014
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